Dora Stratou Dance Theatre
Athens Section CID
Faliro Section CID

Congress Committee
Ms. Adamantia Angeli, Executive Director of CID
Ms. Lambrini Raikou, Executive Secretary of CID
Mr. Stergios Theocharidis, Vice-President of the Dora Stratou Dance Theatre
Mr. Thanasis Kalantzis, Project Leader

Scientific Committee
Ms. Prof. Dr. Marie-Helene Delavaud-Roux (France)
Ms. Prof. Dr. Karen L. Smith (U.S.A.)
Ms. Prof. Nadezda Mosusova (Serbia)
Mr. Prof. Dr. Przemyslaw Kordos (Poland)
Ms. Prof. Dr. Tyler Jo Smith (U.S.A.)
Ms. Prof. Dr. Parul Shah (India)

Under the auspices of:
Ministry of Culture – Ministry of Education
Municipality of Athens – Region of Attica

Dora Stratou Dance Theatre building, Plaka
House of the Dance
Scholiou 8, Plaka, GR-10558 Athens
Tel.: +30 210 324 4395, 210 324 6188, 210 921 4650