55th World Congress of Dance Research

55th World Congress of Dance Research

Athens, 1-5 July 2020





Congress registration procedure


  1. Send by email your professional profile. You will receive a reply within a week.
  1. Send membership fee plus congress registration.
  1. You receive a certificate confirming that you are a Member of the CID having fully registered as congress participant. With this certificate you can contact sponsors and apply for a visa to the European Union.


Membership fee

Individuals:                                       80 US dollars

Institutions (schools, organizations etc.):   160 US dollars

Youth (under 25 years of age):         45 US dollars

Associate members:                        375 US dollars


Congress registration

Congress registration:                     100 US dollars

Congress registration youth:          45 US dollars

Each presentation                                25 US dollars


Above amounts are net, please add commissions.



How to send CID membership fee

  1. PREFERABLY through: www.paypal.com 

Send to:    ExecSec@CID-portal.org    Select:  Send to friends


  1. Through Western Union (ask us before)
  2. If you are a resident of the Eurozone ask us for alternative ways of payment.



Contents of parcel sent

–  Confirmation of membership letter

–  Confirmation of membership parchment for framing

–  Confirmation of congress registration

–  Receipt of payment

–  Member’s lapel pin, to wear at all times.

–  Stickers for school entrance and car windshield

–  Posters for wall decoration

–  Various presents – see Gifts at the CID Portal.


Confirm your present postal address – the envelope will be sent there