55th World Congress of Dance Research

55th World Congress of Dance Research

Athens, 1-5 July 2020


 Visa requirements
for CID Members attending events abroad


1. Check if you do need a visa – ask a travel agent or the consulate.

2. Check if you can have a flight directly to the event venue, or if you have to pass from another country.

3. Contact the consulate of the country hosting the event. Requirements vary according to country.

4. Apply as early as possible. Some consulates need one month to process applications.

5. Usually a visa application is accompanied by:
a) Certificate of registration at the event.
b) Return flight ticket
c) Hotel accommodation for the duration of the event. Ask the travel agent or the hotel to send you confirmation of booking.
d) Proof that you have enough money on you for accommodation, meals and daily expenses.

Letters of invitation are usually rejected by consulates.
If you apply without the required documents your passport might be stamped “visa refused”.

For large delegations or dance ensembles, the CID Section can call the consulate on the phone to support their application, if necessary.

Every year, Members from dozens of countries receive a visa to attend events endorsed by CID, because CID is the official organization of dance recognized by governments, partner of UNESCO.